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Aloha, like Hawaii, is not a state of grace, but a state of mind




Life coach, career consultant, expert in interviewing/resume writing

Partner, parent, professional educator, and passionate activist

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My Services


Life Coaching

Need help achieving your goals but can't get past the clutter and chaos of the mind? Let me show you how to declutter your life and help you reach your goals. Your best life is waiting for you to start. Begin with a free consultation and let's chart a path to transform your life. I have helped hundreds of people over the last twenty years better organize their lives and design a plan for success. I can do the same for you!


Writing Workshop

Have you ever read something and thought, "wow, that's so powerful" or found yourself thinking about ways to capture your own thoughts into words? You can. Let me help you unlock the keys to writing for you. Whether you want to publish, keep a transformational journal, or just find ways to unclog the chaos to capture your writing, I can help you.


Thought about leaving your job? Starting a new one? Wanting to get back into the workforce? Just stuck? Let me help you chart a path that can work for you--through career guidance, exploration, and assistance with resume writing and interviewing. With over 20 years experience helping students find their career path, I can help you as well.


If you don't know where you are going, it doesn't matter how you get there. Lead a life by design, not by default. Let me help you figure out who you are, what you are trying to do, and be strategic in the process.

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